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Story by
Peter Hume and Josh Koch

Teleplay by
Peter Hume

Darien and Hobbes are sent to investigate a psychic who tells his clients the spirits say they should commit suicide in order to save their loved ones. When Darien and Hobbes go to meet this so-called psychic, Benjamin Scarborough, Hobbes poses as a client while Darien watches, invisible. But the psychic is blind, and instead of getting a reading about Hobbes, he claims to be sensing an evil within Darien, and he makes cryptic allusions that Darien interprets as being about violent nightmares that have recently plagued him — nightmares in which he kills his partner, Hobbes.

Hobbes and Darien track down some of Scarborough's clients in an effort to discredit him. But Darien begins to wonder whether Scarborough's abilities are real. Darien meets alone with Scarborough, who quotes phrases Darien has heard before only in his dreams, and the psychic predicts that Darien will kill Hobbes. Before long, Darien starts to believe that the psychic is speaking the truth and that his prophecy is on the verge of coming true.

When another client of the psychic fulfills a horrible prophecy of burning down his house with his whole family inside, Darien becomes convinced that he will soon kill Hobbes. The psychic even goes so far as to tell him how he will kill him. Although they learn that the psychic's daughter murdered several of his clients who were thought to have committed suicide, several aspects of his prophecies regarding Darien begin to come true. And when Quicksilver Madness starts affecting Darien, it looks like he just might be capable of murder.

The Keeper arrives with a shot of counteragent in time to save Hobbes from a maniacal Darien. Later, Darien pays one last visit to the psychic and declares that Scarborough was wrong: Darien did not kill Hobbes. Scarborough ominously replies, "Not yet." ... And Darien is left wondering what he believes.