Eberts Files – Ralph

Hey all -

Wow, wasn't that a great episode! When I first read this many months ago, I have to admit it was one of my favorites. It put a unique spin on being invisible. Also, the face painting scene was a fabulous use of the invisibility.

Obviously, I'm biased, but I also know good Sci-fi.

I wasn't in this one too much, but here's a few tidbits from that ep...

* Originally, the bird killed was to be a spotted owl.
* Eddie Jones had a cold in Catevari. He sounds much better now.
* This episode was directed by Adam Nimoy. Besides being a very competent director of sci-fi (ST:TNG, B-5) he also happens to be the son of Spock! Despite this earth-shaking fact, I managed to keep my composure and instead asked him about directing B-5. I hope he comes back.
* Hobbes had a funny ad-lib about knowing one of the women in the slide show.
* The Official's Badge number is 7071. This is totally useless, but you never know...

G VS. E fans, while I'm as bummed as you about the show being pulled, there is a growing connection between the two. Josh Butler, editior of many episodes and director of two G Vs. E's has directed three upcoming episodes! He really has a flair in the director's chair with I-Man. Early word is his episodes look great! Additionally, Carlton Prickett, another G vs. E director takes the helm next weeks!

I hope you find this useful. You should know that when I arrived on set for the current show we're shooting (I was off one) everyone had seen my posting on this board. So if you have any questions for the crew (Directors, Sound guys, lighting, Props) or the Actors (word of caution, Paul Ben-Victor shoot 5 days a week and don;t have a lot of time during the weekend.), please let them know! They're lurking out there!

Again, thanks for tuning in. Eberts out.

Mike M.