Eberts Files – Pilot

Hey everyone,

Just finished watching the pilot a little while ago and wanted to see what people think. If you liked it (as most of you seemed to, from your comments). I think you'll like the upcoming episodes. They will focus a little more on Darien working with the "The Agency," and the balance of humor and action only gets better. If you weren't thrilled with the pilot, I ask that you please sample a few more.

I've compiled a few tibits of useless trivia, if you're interested. Most of it centers around scenes I've shot since I was there at the time...

* The pilot was shot in August of last year. The following episodes began in April. The majority of shooting was in San Diego and Tiajuana.

* The first day of shooting was in The Official's office. The Official's office was located on the fifth and third floors of the Spreckles Building in San Diego. The building also houses a 2,400 seat theatre.

* "Fohn" (as in Arnaud De Fohn) really does mean "Savage Alpine Wind" and "Hairdryer" in Swiss German. Matt Greenberg (writer/exec-producer) discovered this double meaning during his research.

* Matt has a cameo in the Lab scene. Darien steals a pen from him to escape the shackles. Matt is an extremely nice guy, BTW. So is Vincent.

Thank you for all the nice replies to my previous post. I'll try to encourage my fellow castmates to drop on by. And I'll stop by if you don't mind!