Eberts Files – The Catevari

Hello all!

Just finished watching the first episode after the pilot "The Catevari." Hope you enjoyed it. I scanned a few negative reviews of the show on the BBoard. While most had various reason for not liking the show, I do hope they will stick around and sample some more. The show has several episodes coming up that are different in nature. Given that and its ecclectic mix of humor, sci-fi, retro and action, it might take people a little while to warm up to it.

Here's a few de-classified tidbits if you're interested...

Vincent does lose the facial hair. Some of you commented that some times his goatee appeared longer, sometimes it appear to be recently shaved. The official explanation is that the gland affected the length of his hair at different times by producing localized growth hormones followed by defoliant. Lucky, the problem has been corrected. 😉

For you VCR-hounds, in the last scene is a picture on The Official's desk. I not sure if you can make it out clearly, but it is a neat picture of The Official. It was to be used this episode but won't make an apearance until much later.

The fish tank in the Keeper's Keep (seen in the last shot) has three real pirahnas.

Anyone who saw the first showing of the episode (8p.m. Eastern) may want to rewatch the Geico commercial shown at the 8:30 break...

Again, thanks for watching! This is your show, I hope you enjoy it!