The Catevari


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"The Catevari"

Story by
Paul Greenberg and Matt Greenberg

Teleplay by
Paul Greenberg

As Darien gets used to the fact that he's now a government employee, he is introduced to The Keeper, a beautiful woman who also works for the government. Her job is to "care" for Darien by giving him regular injections of counteragent and monitoring his health and that of the Quicksilver gland. That night, The Official and Eberts discuss with him his first mission. It involves finding and bringing in "The Catevari," a man turned into a government experiment like Darien. The Catevari has the ability to poison people to death simply by touching them.

Darien and Hobbes go out and try to bring in The Catevari, a.k.a. Charles Fogerty, but Fogerty is incredibly violent and even more elusive. When Fogerty nearly kills The Official with his poison touch, Darien thinks quickly and applies some of his Quicksilver to the Official's wounds, freezing the poison before it can spread through his bloodstream, thereby saving his life.

Later, Darien alone tracks down Fogerty. The two men sit down, and Fogerty tells Darien that they both have been used like guinea pigs in much the same way. Fogerty says he understands Darien's plight, and the two share a moment of mutual empathy. But, before long, Hobbes and The Official bust in and, despite Darien's pleas, they kill Fogerty.